Friday, February 5, 2016

The moment you realize that you will never have this special somebody that you can tell about your urging desire to just sit crying on the stairs without calling you crazy, the one who will even sit there with you on the stairs holding the box of tissues listening to you rambling about lots of unimportant things..that person who will rub your back or hold you and tell you that everything will be just fine that he is there for you..that he's got you..

The moment you realize you will never have this is the moment you know for sure that you are screwed.


مروة said...

ربنا يسامحك.. وآي!
بقينا متعادلين:p

Shrouk said...


safa7_karmooz said...

that moment when u realize that you will never have that special thing in your heart.. or that stupid feeling en someone waiting you when u back to home after loooooong day at work :/

we are fucked up !

Shrouk said...

Welcome to the club :)
give it some time and you'll get over it ISA